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What Is A Blog

Almost any website can benefit from a Blog. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to pass on your company information to the public.

A blog is a great place to educate the public about your company, its direction, current products and innovations. It is your podium to the public and your own PR machine. You can brag about your successes, complain about new laws, seek support, entice a following, and generally communicate with your community or visitors. It can be a one-way street for the information you want others to have.

Or, a Blog can be a two-way street between your company and the public by allowing the visitor to comment on your posts. All comments can and probably should be monitored, meaning the administrator of the blog decides which comments get published and which comments get deleted. That keeps your site clean and free from spam or negative remarks, although some mildly negative remarks may be useful and informative. It opens the door for interaction between your website and the public, keeping visitors online longer and coming back for more. It can help to build a following and increase your database of users that can be subject to your email blasts and email advertisements.

All in all, we do recommend having a blog. The pros outweigh the cons, and it can help increase traffic. Everyone wants more traffic!

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