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Add a Company Blog

Have you heard the web saying that, "Content is king?" What better way of adding content to your website than adding a company blog!

The “traditional” blog is ultimately a web site with text and/or links and/or graphics on it. Its purpose usually is to quickly share individually relevant information, concerns, opinions, thoughts.  A company blog is extremely challenging to do well. The biggest challenge (which is not unique to a company blog) is finding the time to do it. Everyone’s swamped and blogging was just never part of the plan. But it should be.

Blogging is the single best way of generating sustained, quality buzz for your company. Done well, your company blog will create more awareness, customers, press, publicity and goodwill than anything else you can do. These posts are important because they give you an opportunity to toot your own horn. Just don’t overdo it. But you can replace the “Press” section on your website with blog posts. You should also make feature announcements, or wet people’s appetites with upcoming feature news.

Promote success stories. Use the blog as a way of communicating with customers about what’s important to them. If you get into trouble or screw up, use your blog to fess up and maintain goodwill. The key is to avoid a blog that’s about nothing but you. Yes, you and your company are interesting, but if your blog offers nothing but company news, the audience is not likely to stay engaged.

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