What Is Website Architecture?

What Is Website Architecture?

Wondering what Menu and Website Architecture means to you? Or how can it affect the usability of your website, or the traffic?

Your menu is like a road map to your website. It needs to be easy to understand to keep visitors online and coming back, but it also needs to travel the depths of your website carrying the visitors to places you want them to see. A confusing menu can turn visitors off quickly, making them leave without really seeing all that you want them to see.

Website architecture can make or break a website. An inexperienced web designer probably doesn't understand how to create the flow needed to carry your visitors throughout you entire website. It needs to be logical but interesting. Flowing but complicated. It is an art that should not be ignored, and is very important to the success of your website. Are like items grouped together? Can the visitor find the information he needs to make a decision on your products. Can he find pricing if you have a Store? Is getting around confusing? Is there a "home" button on interior pages? Is it easy to get lost after a few clicks. There are thousands of websites out there that have lousy website architecture, leaving the visitor lost after a few clicks. And the easiest thing for a "lost" visitor to do is to click out of the website entirely! Don't lose potential clients because your architecture wasn't professional. GoWebDog can help keep your visitors coming back, and help steer your visitors into all the nooks and crannys of your website without making them feel lost or overwelmed.

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