Retail or Whosale Websites

Retail or Wholesale Websites

Your Internet web presence can be geared towards the retail or the wholesale market. It can be mostly informative for branding, or a full fledged online store.

Wholesale or Retail? GoWebDog can build you a site for either or both! While wholesale equals the selling of goods in large quantities, retail means selling to consumers in small quantities. Whichever you decide, let us build and host it for you! The website can be strictly to put out your information to the public, with contact numbers for the public to send inquiries to if needed. Not all businesses need or want to sell online, but most businesses do need a professional Internet presence. You can feature your products, give out important descriptions, tutorials on usage, product updates, company updates, store locations and hours, and whatever else you feel you want publicized.

However, if possible, take it one step further and sell your products online. An Internet website is really just an electronic store front, similar to a physical store front. If set up and marketed right, it will become your most cost-effective way to generate business. There are huge opportunities out there: the online customer base is growing by 153% a year, so a small investment in the right kind of marketing will reap a rich harvest. At GoWebDog we study the Internet and its trends, that's why our sites are successful, WE STUDY THE INTERNET!

To build a retail or wholesale sit you need a fully developed and coordinated web marketing program including a "sales oriented" website, an online vehicle for driving customers to your site, a process of converting them from lookers to buyers and a way of tracking your progress.

Your home page should tell your prospective customers what you can do for them, you need to stress to the user why they should purchase from you.  GoWebDog knows that you only have just a few minutes to get the user's attention, our sites will grab their attention.

The function of your site is to get the user to call or email you. We can build a contact page that is functionable and attention grabbing!
We have lots of reasons to use us, call or email us today and we can discuss the rest of them with you!

For a customized Internet Web Design that will direct traffic to your business, contact a client service representative at GoWebDog today.