What Is An Online Store?

What Is An Online Store

eCommerce begins with an Online Store. You no longer have to have a physical building to be able to sell to the general public.

An Online Store means a website where you can sell merchandise right on the website, allowing visitors to view your products, compare information about your product as well as compare pricing, and actually purchase merchandise from your website without ever having to leave the website, or for that matter, deal with a human being. They just add the item to their shopping cart, check out by either paying by credit card or a payment entity such as PayPal, and put in the shipping information. The company gets paid, the items get shipped. If the purchase is for downloadable information, the consumer can download the product immediately.

Being able to sell online without an actual storefront has enabled millions of website owners to increase their marketplace beyond their own hometown. Sellers can now sell across  their state to the entire country, or countries if they desire. They can add language abilities to their website to be able to sell to many other countries.

If you compare the cost of having an Online Store website built for you, to the cost of opening and maintaining a physical store, an Online Store is the way to go. Combine the Online Store with CMS, and you have a fully functioning website that the website owner can control. The owner has the ability to add products at will, change the description, pricing, shipping costs, at any time he desires. He can track inventory, add pages, delete products, run specials, add coupons. It is fantastic the options open to the website owner, especially with CMS!

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