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Showcase Your Latest Stories

We can add "Latest Stories" to your site in it's own section to add more interest and make them standout to your onsite visitors.

This is a great function! Spices up a site in seconds! Latest Story ability provides you with a lightweight but powerful news headline style of your most recent content items. It's not only to show case your latest news item, but you can show any latest or most read articles from preferred sections or categories that can be set up with options to set using one, two or three headline articles column format plus one column for another stories link. You can also have your headline story formatted vertically with one column for one headline article like the right module's Business Week.

For the simple purpose of listing certain articles with local images on the front page. The styling is easy to edit and it's very user friendly in setting up.  This extension allows multiple instances of the module on the same page.  The function does wonders for the look of your site. There are many customization options such as the ability to toggle images on and off.

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