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Social Marketing Integration

You could be missing out on a huge market by ignoring Social Marketing. GoWebDog can add interactivity in the various social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to your website.

socialSocial Marketing is the New Advertising for Internet Marketing

Social Marketing through entities such as Facebook and Twitter is the new way to reach targeted groups within an interested market to increase your Internet marketing. Various methods of reaching those groups include Social Bookmarking, building Social Media Profiles on Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace,, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon and other sites, creating and writing Blogs, RSS feeds, Online Forums, Podcasts and WOM advertising. We can create and manage your social marketing campaign for you, click for a quote.

To stay competitive in the coming years — for any industry —  sales, tech, finance, publishing, journalism, event planning, business development, retail, real estate — you will still need to develop and grow your brand by making your mark in social media. It is not an option but a necessity.

Social media is the fastest-growing form of communication in history!

Social media is an array of new technologies that allow word-of-mouth marketing to spread orders-of-magnitude faster than ever before. Call it World of Mouth. It works in this manner: someone buys your product or uses your service. They love it. They can turn around and Tweet it (or blog it, or Facebook it) to 981 people who intimately trust them. Those 981 pass it on to 47,897 who trust them. Now, your product or service has reached thousands of people interested in what you do. In minutes. For free.

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