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Shipping Features

Increase your store function with additional shipping features to offer your customers, and keep them coming back.

Finally, a shipping module that offers many options such as calculation, taking into account dimensional weight, and declared value insurance.  Origination zip codes are configurable for individual products, categories and groups, making this perfect for drop-shippers.  Insurance can be offered for each shipping method, either as optional or required. The packaging weight and number of products per package can also be specified.  Handling charges, as a dollar amount or percentage, can be added on a per order basis.  Per item or per package is also configurable at the product and category levels.  Adding a packaging weight and being able to force items to ship together is also an option.

Allows you configure products to be shipping independently in their own box and from their own zip code.  This module provides customizable shipment algorithms for calculating the total shipment cost based on shipment weight, shipment volume or a combination of weight & volume.  Shipping module allows the creation of UPS and FedEx shipping labels. All shipping data for the order is then written back to the system, including tracking information. Ideal for use in the warehouse scenario for order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. Shipping accounts can be configured to bill to a 3rd party shipper account on a per website/store basis, and will utilize the shipping method set for the order. Shipping to multiple addresses and orders that can be shipped in multiple packages is also supported.

Individual products can also be flagged to have free shipping, products being shipping in their own box can be specified to have free shipping on a per-method basis and individual methods can be configured to be free. Individual methods can also be discounted and have specific handling charges assigned to them. You can even specify the maximum weight to put into individual shipping boxes as well as a maximum number.

There is also an optional handling fee specific to the product.  In reality, it costs more to package some items than others.  So, when the packages are created, if an item is set to be packaged by itself, the fee specific to that item will be added to the shipping cost.  An additional handling charge can then be added..

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