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Shopping Carts

Why is picking the correct eCommerce shopping cart important? A shopping cart is a shopping cart … right? Not necessarily.

Here is the good news and the bad news when it comes to shopping carts. There are many options and numerous ways to have your shopping cart set-up. This is good and bad, you have lots of options and can do many different things to facilitate customers’ purchases through your website but you need to know a few things about your business and its future so that you make the right decision for setting up your online shopping cart. You must define your specific needs and make sure that you allow yourself room to grow if your business expands, if you don’t plan ahead it can be costly in time paid for reworking your cart.

Let’s clear up a couple of important misconceptions regarding carts. A lot of consumers think that a shopping cart is the entire checkout process, which is not so. The shopping cart is only the function that tracks the specific items consumers want to purchase from a site. The financial portion is separate and is a two part function made up of a secure connection and a financial gateway normally, the business merchant account. The second misconception is that all shopping carts are the same. Not true at all, some carts are built into the website some are virtual. Some shopping carts do one function others are very advanced and perform all kinds of advanced functions such as calculating discounts and shipping charges.

The bottom line is you need to clearly define what your shopping cart will do for your business and clearly communicate your needs so that your designer/development team can ensure you are getting the shopping cart that is right for your business. If you are handling your shopping cart set-up on your own you need to make sure that the shopping cart software you choose will integrate with the gateway you are using. Another consideration is how your shopping cart will be hosted either local or remotely. There are advantages and disadvantages to the numerous option sat hand. It is best to clearly communicate your needs to a professional and let them give you the options that best suit your business.

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