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What exactly is CMS?

GoWebDog would like all websites to be CMS. Content Management Systems are user friendly, SEO friendly, and easily expanded.

But what is it? CMS are mostly open source systems that are free to developers in it's basic form. Other developers around the world are encouraged to create various functionality modules, components or extensions that are then added to the original system to give it more functionality. It's like little boxes of programming created to perform some type of function that could work for many different types of users. So, instead of having to program a function from scratch, that could take many, many months of hard work, someone has already built that function that can be used by others. Many of these modules, components and extensions are available for developers to incorporate into their websites for a license fee.
Besides being scalable, a CMS website means the client can, if he chooses, be given access to the website as an administrator to make his own changes. This means the client can make changes to articles, such as a schedule, or even rewrite an article without having to ask someone else to do it for him. It also means, if he has an online store, he can upload pictures, change products, change prices, re-figure shipping or whatever he wants. The client has the ability to participate in the content of his website. He can even write new articles if he desires. Most clients don't want to get too involved in controlling their website, but just gain the ability to make changes they feel comfortable doing.

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