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Adding Classified Ads

Classifieds - Why would you want to add a classified section on your website? Adding functionality to your site.

You would be surprised by the benefits of incorporating a classified section your website. Classifieds promote return visits by a community of persons with like interests. By providing your site with return visit by your target market you are increasing your chances for repeat sales. For example, if you sell pet supplies online and you offer a classified section for your customers to share their pets for sale, or adoption, you will see a huge benefit from keeping your customers coming back to your website over and over again. It simply promotes loyalty to your website. This very simple example can be expanded to almost any type of website. If you run a trade association that offers training for professionals such as a regional or local Association of Insurance Professionals you might offer a classified section that offers your members a place buy and sell used equipment or forms specific to the industry. If a Homeowners Association has a website the classifieds could be offered on their HOA website in order to buy and sell household items, cars etc or even to let business owners within the community let their neighbors know of job openings within their businesses. Every type of website can utilize classifieds in order to promote return visits and to create a community of users with similar interests.

A main goal of each and every website is to have a lot of traffic from their specific target market and the use of a classified section can go a long way toward achieving this goal. People will want to utilize this tool and will return over and over again to view updates to the classified section. The more they return to your site the more your brand and product are in ingrained in their memory and the more chance they will purchase your product or service when they are shopping. The more traffic your website receives is also the higher your website will rank with all the major search engines advancing your ranking for organic search engine optimization. Adding a classified section is a win-win proposition that will work toward promoting your website with your target market..

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