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Since Google is the leading Search Engine maybe we should listen to what they are saying about how to optimize your site for maximum benefit on their engine. If they are the ones who can promote or demote your site based on how it is built, the text you use and the many other important aspects such as Keywords and Meta Descriptions maybe we should use their advice when it comes to how to best optimize your website. They are not making idle assumptions about what should happen -they are the gate keeper so it would behoove us to listen to what Google has to say about what works and what does not work when the subject is optimization.

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There are 14 items that, if overlooked, could effect your website results. According to the experts at Google, when designing your website you should never design with SEO only in your mind rather they are adamant that you design the website for the best interests of the visitor. They are the main reason for the website and ultimately they are the one using the engine to search for the website. They suggest that if you keep the end user in mind when designing the webpage rather than using specific tweaks in mind in order to gain rank in organic search results that you will have far better results. SEO really is all about putting you’re the best site you can out there and making it visible for search engines.

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The words that come to mind are, Keep It Simple Stupid or the acronym K.I.S.S., if your navigation is easy and user friendly it will benefit your site in so many ways.

First, It helps users to simply find the content that they are looking for and isn’t that your goal? Whether you are selling widgets or educating people about H1N1 the goal is the same you want people to easily find the product or information that you have in order to either purchase that product or help educate them.

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Cooking – some people love it, some people hate it. Certain meals involve intricate and detailed preparation, which the latter group may consider completely dreadful even to contemplate. Well, catering to that audience, many years ago General Foods created “shake ‘n bake” – simple and quick entree preparation with satisfying results. Well, template websites can offer similar ease.

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Well, if you create descriptive categories and filenames for the text on your website it can not only keep your site organized but I also leads’ search engines to crawl your website with ease and efficiency. Making your site search engine friendly leads to a higher ranking and search engines liking your website and returning your domain to users leads to more traffic and of course we all know that more traffic leads to more sales.