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Extending User Accounts

Give your users a premium user account that can track their purchases, downloads, plus much more.

A user is a person who uses a computer or Internet service. A user may have a user account that identifies the user by a username or screen name. To log in to an account, a user is typically required to authenticate himself/herself/itself with a password or other credentials for the purposes of accounting, security, logging, and resource management. For a discussion of user satisfaction, see Computer user satisfaction. 

Users are also widely characterized as the class of people that use a system without complete technical expertise required to fully understand the system. In most hacker-related contexts, they are also divided into users and power users. Both are terms of degradation, but the latter connotes a "know-it-all" attitude.  A user account allows one to authenticate to system services. It also generally provides one with the opportunity to be authorized to access them. However, authentication does not automatically imply authorization. Once the user has logged on, the operating system will often use an identifier such as an integer to refer to them, rather than their username.

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