Adding Slide Shows to Show off Products,

Adding Slide Shows

Can adding a slide show help your website? Studies show just adding a short, professional video can increase visitor time on-site and keep visitors coming back.

An increasingly popular way to share digital photos is to display them over the Internet and a Slide Show provides a quick way to display your photos on a web site.  A slideshow is a display of a series of chosen pictures, which is done for artistic or instructional purposes.  You can create a thumbnail page of your images with links to the full size photos or an automatic slide show of your images. The photos are displayed in a slide show, one after another with a delay and transition between each photo.  You can add music to your slide show simply by placing a mp3 or wav file with your photos. You can also add captions and specify the details about how each photo is displayed including the transition and the length of time the photo is displayed.

A well organized slideshow allows a presenter to fit visual images to an oral presentation. The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" holds true, in that a single image can save a presenter from speaking a paragraph of descriptive details. As with any public speaking or lecturing, a certain amount of talent, experience, and rehearsal is required to make a successful slideshow presentation.  Presentation software is most commonly used for instructional purposes, usually with the intention of creating a dynamic, audiovisual presentation. The relevant points to the entire presentation are put on slides, and accompany a spoken monologue.

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