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Email Your Users

Collect emails from your website visitors and add them to your database. Then email the "opted in" users your promos and specials!

When setting up email blast marketing campaign, you should strive to not only drive customers to your web site, but you also should lead your customers to a purchase or strong call to action on your web site. It's a challenge in most cases to get someone to even read and open the email blast marketing piece that you send them. You should make the title realistic to the offer but catchy.

If you can gain their interest with the subject line, then you will be on your way to a successful direct email blast marketing campaign.  Most businesses consider email blast marketing an excellent way to keep in touch with your customer base. By collecting email addresses of visitors to your website, you are creating an email marketing blast campaign subscriber base. Be certain to adhere to the current spam laws and you should make sure the emails are both wanted and informative. Sending an email blast marketing piece with special deals you are offering is a great start to direct email blast marketing campaign.

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