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Discount Coupons for Online Stores

Offer your customers discount coupons with codes to get them to order more and keep coming back for repeat orders.

GoWebDog offers "Discount Coupon" feature for your Online Store. Our coupon function allow you to create promotions and offer coupon discounts to your customers. This feature makes it possible to create discount coupon codes and enter a coupon number on your order page. The code for the valid coupon readjusts the price savings on the coupon as indicated by what the coupon was set up as, either percentage or fixed fee off sale.

The coupon feature will allow you to see how many times a coupon was used, or to delete, edit or add a new coupon. This is a valuable tool to gauge how your sales are doing and where they are coming from. Coupons are also a great way to bring new customers to your site. With the ability to modify the price, date or item in the coupon you will see how advantageous the coupon feature is to increase your sales.

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