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Which CMS Is Offered

GoWebDog offers three CMS choices. They are the three most popular CMS choices and are used throughout the world.

We offer Drupal, Joomla or Magento. Drupal and Joomla are very similar in that they encompass all aspects of a website and its functions including an Online Store and all its functions and add-ons. Magento is primarily used as a stand alone Online Store when having an online store is the only functionality required. Therefore, if you want a standalone online store, Magento may be best for you. As far as a fully developed CMS website, we like both Joomla and Drupal. Some of our designers prefer Joomla, some prefer Drupal, and some like both equally. They are both top shelf.
What does expandable mean to your website? It means, if you have a CMS website built now for your current business, and six months later you decide you would like to add a mailing function, or community interaction or commenting, we can add it. It is fast, easy and cost effective for your web designer to add this function to your website. More than likely, the desired new function doesn't have to be custom programmed, it is a like adding a "function-in-a-box".  Therefore your web development is much quicker and less costly.
Want Wordpress? We can also build a Wordpress website for you if you prefer that system, which is great for blogging. Wordpress has improved over the last few years and is adding many more widgets for functionality, making it more useful to the end user. It's ease of use may be an attraction for the end user. Contact us for a free evaluation of your needs and a better determination of what would best suit your needs.

For a customized CMS website that can work for your business, contact a client service representative at GoWebDog today.