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Product or Category Listing

Organize your products into categories and even have a category landing page. Show a list of products or categories to draw attention!

GoWebDog will create a feature for product listings or categories that can display products from any category. This module can specify your latest product, feature products, best buys, most viewed, most reviewed, and top rated. Each category title can be linkable, enabling users to navigate quickly to the category.

This feature can be set to allow you to fully monitor product numbers, list your items and descriptions, while also including lists of related products in the same category. Product listings help you keep track of your inventory while allowing your clients to see what is available for shipping or on back order. This is a valuable inventory tool, not only for you but for your customers.

Your product listing section can be designed to suit your company needs, whatever your product, GoWebDog can find a layout for you. We will provide tools and tips which allow your customers to make the best product choice to meet their needs. Each product can have an image as well as description either of which can be linked to a category page that features all of your products. Choose GoWebDog for your website design, you will be happy with the results.

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