Atl website Product Scroller,

Product Scroller

Feature your top selling items in a scrolling window on your home page or your store front and gain lots of attention!

GoWebDog believes that a site is only as good as its Functionality. Just as brick-and-mortar stores rely on design and customer traffic, and conventions to help shoppers find what they want, so, too, should online retailers. Make it as easy as possible as you can. Depending on your offerings, consider using navigation bars, top and bottom, so users won't have to endlessly scroll to change pages. Do not force shoppers to rely on the browser's "back" button to find an item. Instead give them scroller bars to view all of your products. You can list your products within certain categories or even on different pages, but do use a scroll bar to easily view your products.

Figure out which of your products or services are most likely to appeal to online shoppers and streamline your offerings by using a scroll bar to view your products. As with every other venue, know your customer and don't make assumptions that they will know how to navigate your site. Making it easy for them to find your items is imperative.

Remember the first rule of web pages is ease of use for the customer. If your site is too hard to navigate, too confusing or easy to get lost in, you will lose customers. GoWebDog guarantees that your site will be functionable! Not only is that a winner with your viewers but it remains a top reason for high ranking in search engines!.

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