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Affiliate Marketing Integration

Do you have room for a silent salesperson on your website? Then Add Affiliate Marketing and make money while you sleep. Remember, Affiliate Marketing goes both ways!

ist2_12896205-affiliate-program-networkHosting an Affiliate Marketing Program?


You can host an Affiliate Marketing Program if you have a product or service you want other sites to sell for you, paying them a commission when a visitor purchases your product or service because the Affiliate sent them. A link to your site is put on the Affiliate website, and a code embedded, which tracks the buying visitor. You decide whom you allow to be an Affiliate, and what rate of commission you pay under the Affiliate Marketing program.

Be an Affiliate and Display Links

The other side of the coin is when you decide to join an Affiliate Program for other sites and market their product or services on yours in Braselton, Hamilton Mill, Jefferson, Winder, getting a commission for any conversions. Hire us to implement an Affiliate Marketing Program. Our Affiliate Marketing Management Program can be launched for a new web development project, or work just as effectively for an existing website.

To start the programs, contact one of our client services representative today.